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5 – 12 Feb
7 Feb 2018
1st team played against St Benedicts.
St Benedict’s batted first and were all out for 12 runs. Kingsway batted their lower order first and lost 1 wicket in reaching the total. Hence Kingsway won by 9 wickets.

Kingsway Basketball:
U15 vs St Benedict U15
Score 10-5 win

2nd team KHS vs 1st team St. Benedict

Score 24-13 win…

The swimming team attended a gala at Curro Hillcrest and placed third out of nine schools.
9 Feb 2018
Kingsway Touch Rugby Scores :

1st boys 5-0 win

1st girls 6-1 win

Action Netball
2nd Team vs Northlands won 13/8.
10 Feb 2018
Indoor Hockey
1st team won 8-0 against St Henry’s

U16 won 10-0 against St Mary’s

U14 won 5-3 against St Mary’s

Well done! to all the teams that won their respective matches. We are proud of you!